Welcome to Dental Smiles of West Loop!

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Your First Appointment

Your first visit will last approximately 45 min to 1 hour. During that appointment we will give you a tour of our modern dental office and review our office policies.
The dental team at Dental Smiles of West Loop will begin by listening to your dental concerns, discussing your medical, dental and patient registration data with you.
You will receive a comprehensive dental exam, dental x-rays, a head and neck cancer screening, a periodontal evaluation and a baseline dental charting by the doctor.
Dr. Shah will then discuss the current state of your dental health, outline your treatment options for any dental work you may need or cosmetic dentistry you may want and answer questions you may have.
In absence of periodontal disease evaluation you will receive a dental cleaning.
We want your first visit to establish a strong foundation for a lifetime of optimal dental health!

For Our Younger Patients

Children will receive a complete examination, have their teeth cleaned, fluoride applied, and any necessary radiographs taken. A major emphasis will be placed on teaching them prevention, including proper home care and diet.

New Patient Forms

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What To Bring

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