Smile with Confidence Again with This One Simple Dental Procedure

If a cracked or decayed tooth, large old filling, or off-colored tooth is keeping you from smiling confidently, we have some great news. With one simple procedure, you can solve any of those problems so you can start smiling confidently again! If you’ve been letting any of those things keep you from smiling your best, this is for you .

The Real Cost of Damaged Teeth …

The real cost of damaged or off-colored teeth and big, old fillings goes far beyond just the inconvenience of having to chew carefully or avoid one side of your mouth. The real cost of damaged teeth is the damage it does to your romantic and professional relationships. A decayed, cracked, or off-colored tooth; or large, old filling keeps many people from living the full life they deserve. They get so self-conscious about one tooth that they barely grin to hide their teeth or avoid smiling altogether, preventing them from making meaningful connections with romantic partners or key people to help them advance their careers who see a lack of smile as a lack of interest, confidence, or enthusiasm.

In other words, if you’re letting one or two ugly teeth keep you from smiling, it can keep you from having the romantic life you deserve or the career you work so hard to build!

The good news is, one simple dental procedure can turn your cracked, off-colored, or decayed tooth into something you can’t wait to show off!

The Simple and Perfect Solution

At Dental Smiles Of West Loop, we have the perfect, permanent solution to cracked, damaged, off-colored teeth to strengthen and beautify your smile and help you smile confidently again by designing a custom porcelain crown for any tooth that’s holding you back.

Crowns are a complete solution to protect weak teeth, restore broken or worn-down teeth, cover and support a tooth with a large filling and not a lot of tooth left, cover misshapen or off-colored teeth, or simply make a much-needed cosmetic improvement on a tooth that is keeping you from smiling.

They are an immediate and permanent solution, and made of tooth-colored ceramic to match the rest of your teeth from the moment the crown is completed so you can start smiling confidently again.

How Much Does It Cost?

The out-of-pocket cost of a crown depends on what your exact needs are and can be offset by insurance. We will work with you to help you understand your specific out-of-pocket costs depending on your needs and insurance coverage and can even help you understand financing options if you need a payment plan to make this investment in a brighter smile!

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The Next Step

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