Have You Ever Had a Tooth Ache?

It is one the most jarring and painful experiences ever and you really want to visit the dentist right away! There are many reasons that a tooth suddenly starts hurting, one of the most common reasons being decay and infection in the tooth has reached the nerve in the tooth which is impinging on the nerve causing the extreme sensation of pain.

It is also extremely important to seek professional dental care immediately as numerous time a tooth ache is associated with facial swelling which indicates that the infection has spread beyond the tooth . A tooth infection can travel to other parts of your face and body and could be potentially life threatening if not treated.

At Dental Smiles of West Loop Dr. Shah can help treat your dental emergency and anxiety! She has years of experience in emergency dental medicine having worked at health care centers in New York City and Chicago.

To alleviate your anxiety we have dental massage chairs. aromatherapy and large flat screen T.V’S streaming your favorite shows so you can zone out while , Dr. Shah takes care of your emergency. All our treatment rooms our equipped with intra oral cameras so Dr.Shah is able to show  you your problem area.

So if you are experiencing dental pain, discomfort call Dental Smiles of West Loop and Dr. Shah will always make accommodations in her busy schedule to help alleviate your dental pain and take care of you.

Call Dental Smiles of West Loop- the Emergency dental office at  312.724.7161 and experience the VIP treatment you deserve!