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Gum Disease

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Dr. Shah on Gum Disease

How to identify gum disease? One of the earliest signs of gum disease is bleeding from your gums while brushing or flossing.  My gums bleed when I brush and floss. Bleeding from your gums when you brush and floss is one of the earliest signs of gum disease. Consult with your dentist’s office about bleeding […]

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Gum disease

Diagnosing Gum Disease

My gums bleed, my breath smells and my teeth are loose. What should I do? Have any of these scenarios happened to you? You are brushing one morning and suddenly notice that your gums are bleeding. You are concerned, but dismiss it as “I probably brushed too hard.” The same thing happens repeatedly every time […]

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gum disease

Gum Disease – Get the Facts!

How serious is Gum Disease? Gum disease called Gingivitis or Periodontitis affects 75-80% of the population and, now more than ever before, an emphasis is being placed on this dangerous disease! What is Gingivitis? It is the first stage or the beginning of gum disease where you may experience bleeding gums upon brushing and/or see […]

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