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Dental Health


Dentistry During The Covid-19 Pandemic Tentative Reopening Date – June 1

To Our Valued Patients, In the past few weeks, we’ve navigated a time in modern history unlike any other. Across the country, elective medical and dental care paused. The healthcare community committed to protecting short supplies of Personal Protective Equipment while maintaining social distancing. Together, everyone made a difference. And we’ll continue to do so […]

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Dental Emergency

Preventing Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies are bound to happen. Everyone knows that a toothache is really no laughing matter. Also, if you have a broken front tooth, let’s just be tight lipped about it until you see your dentist. Familiarize yourself with the two most common dental emergencies and how you can prevent them! 1. Toothache Most common […]

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Have You Ever Had a Tooth Ache?

It is one the most jarring and painful experiences ever and you really want to visit the dentist right away! There are many reasons that a tooth suddenly starts hurting, one of the most common reasons being decay and infection in the tooth has reached the nerve in the tooth which is impinging on the nerve […]

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Dental Fear and dental Anxiety

Alleviating Dental Fear and Anxiety

In her several years of dental practice, the most common reason Dr. Shah has heard about not going to the dentist or not returning for dental treatment is the fear and anxiety associated with the visit. Dr. Shah knows and understands how intimidating going to the dentist can be, as well as the reason why […]

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dental health

Celebrating National Children’s Dental Health Month

This February is National Children’s Dental Health Month, and Dental Smiles of West Loop is excited to join thousands of dental specialists, healthcare providers, and educators across the country in observance! According to the American Dental Association (ADA), National Children’s Dental Health Month is designed to “raise awareness about the importance of oral health. NCDHM […]

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