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Invisalign | Dental Smiles Of West Loop

Dental Crowns To Save Your Smile

Each tooth is made up a clinical crown and a root. The root serves as an anchor while the crown makes up the upper part of the crown which sits below the gum-line in the case of the upper jaw and above the gum-line in the case of the lower jaw. A dental crown is […]

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Invisalign Women Smiling | Dental Smiles Of West Loop

No One Has to Know Your Secret!

Invisalign makes it possible to straighten and perfect your smile without all the metal. That’s an improvement, isn’t it? Wearing braces no longer has to hold the stigma that it used to. A beautiful smile can be yours without all the hardware and in less time. Typically, you can get that perfect smile in about […]

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Cosmetic Dentistry with Doctor and Patient | Dental Smiles Of West Loop

Cosmetic Dentistry And The Common Procedures Available

Oral healthcare has over the past few decades taken on the cosmetic dentistry, which seeks to correct uneven or broken teeth. Cosmetic dentistry is very different from orthodontic treatment, which helps straighten teeth through the use of devices like braces. Otherwise known as aesthetic dentistry, cosmetic dentistry generally helps individuals improve their appearance much the […]

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teeth grinding

What is Teeth Grinding (Bruxism)?

Teeth grinding or bruxism as it is medically called, is one of the common complaints by patients. You might clench them during the day or grind them at night. According to the Mayo Clinic, People who clench or grind their teeth (brux) during sleep are more likely to have other sleep disorders, such as snoring […]

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