Dental Fear and dental Anxiety

Alleviating Dental Fear and Anxiety

In her several years of dental practice, the most common reason Dr. Shah has heard about not
going to the dentist or not returning for dental treatment is the fear and anxiety associated with the visit.

Dr. Shah knows and understands how intimidating going to the dentist can be, as well as the
reason why – getting work done in your mouth, which is a very sensitive region of your body, is
not easy.

But the good news is that there are several ways Dr. Shah and her team can help you
overcome your dental anxiety:

The first step begins with you. It is acknowledging the fact that you have dental anxiety. When
you do not own your thoughts, you cannot control them.

Once you have recognized your fear, talk to your dental professional or Dr. Shah about your
fear and where it stems from. This could include:

  • Poor communication about a dental procedure done in the past that led to a poor

  • Staff and/or a doctor’s attitude

  • Post-operative complications and the manner in which the situation was handled

Speaking about your previous experiences lets your dental professional understand where
your fear stems from and they, in turn, will make sure the same situation does not arise

At Dental Smiles of West Loop, if you have dental anxiety, you can book an appointment to
meet Dr. Shah and her team and get comfortable with them. At the same appointment, you can
also get a thorough evaluation of your teeth, gums and surrounding structures. Dr. Shah will go
over all of the findings and X-rays with you and then devise an optimal treatment plan that fits
your budget.

Apart from Dr. Shah’s caring and gentle attitude to help alleviate dental anxiety, DSWL offers:

  • Massage dental chairs, so you can get a massage while getting dental treatment

  • Aromatherapy to help calm your senses

  • Plus, Netflix to help distract you with your favorite shows

Dr. Shah also goes in depth about any treatment you may need. Dr. Shah uses state-of- the-art
technology, as well as an intra-oral camera to communicate the location, the extent of the
problem, and how to solve it.

Call Dental Smiles of West Loop at (312) 724-7161 or email us at and her team help ease your dental anxiety today!