Dr. Ankita answers on Tooth & Gum Disease

1.How to identify Gum Disease at home?

Gum disease usually does not hurt unless its in advanced stages,
One of the earliest signs of gum disease is bleeding from your gums while brushing or flossing. If you notice any bleeding from your gums its time to let your dentist know.

2. My gums bleed when I brush and floss. Isn’t that normal?

No, bleeding from your gums when you brush and floss is one of the earliest signs of gum disease and is not normal. Please check with your dentist as soon as you encounter this.

3. Is Listerine good for gum disease?

Listerene helps with fresh breath and displacing food particles away from your teeth. It does not treat or prevent gum diseases.

4. What Are the Dangers of Gum Disease?

Gum disease is a silent killer because in the early stages it does not hurt.

a.You can loose your teeth as the virulent bacteria eats away the bone that anchors your teeth .

b.The bacteria from the gum disease can affect your heart – cause heart disease and make you more susceptible to stroke.

c. Gum disease also increases your blood sugar levels and makes harder to maintain your blood sugar levels

d. Recently they have linked presence of gum disease to having a higher incidence of Alzeihmer’s disease.

6. What Causes Gum Disease?

Poor oral hygiene and genetics usually causes gum disease.Regular dental check ups and cleaning appointments at your dentist helps prevent gum disease.

7. What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a cosmetic solution for straightening your teeth without using any metal brackets and wires.

8. Will I be using Invisalign clear aligners or a knock-off brand?

Our practice offers different aligner systems like Invisalign or clear correct.
Dr.Shah will help you make the decision as to which system works best for you.

9. How will Invisalign treatment affect my life?
Wearing clear aligners to straighten your teeth is most cosmetic method available for teeth straightening and will not affect your life style.

10. What happens when I’m done with Invisalign treatment?

After Invisalign, your teeth will be straightened and you will have a beautiful smile !

11. Is Invisalign treatment painful?

Invisalign is not painful , while wearing the aligners there may be mild discomfort on the first day, which subsides after .

12.Are there restrictions on eating and drinking?

You can remove your Invisalign aligners while eating and drinking. So there are no restrictions to that.

13. How much will my Invisalign clear aligners cost?

The cost of Invisalign depends on the severity of treatment, The harder and longer the case the more the treatment will cost. To get your free quote , please call our office to set up an Invisalign consult appointment.